A Wonderfully Preserved "Alabama Baby" by Ella Smith

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30" (76 cm.) All cloth doll with side-seamed head,pressed and oil painted facial features,brown painted eyes with lushly painted lashes and eye liner,thick painted brows,closed mouth with bow-shaped lips,molded ears,painted curly brown baby hair under long brunette human hair wig,cloth body with stitch-jointing at shoulders,hips and knees,bare feet,antique baby gown with hand embroidery at yoke and cuffs. Condition: very good,original painted finish with some craquelure. Comments: Ella Smith's Alabama Baby,circa 1919,the doll with alternate painted/wigged hair was shown in her catalog of that year. Value Points: rare large size with original paint,appealing expression,original wig; the 30" size was not listed in the catalog and was available by special order only.
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