Early 19th Century Carved Wooden Santons Depicting,Mother and Child

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15" (38 cm.) Posed upon a wooden plinth are two wooden carved figures depicting a mother and her small child,each with one piece head and torso,pin-jointed shoulders,rod-attached separate legs,and jointed elbows for posing. Each has carved detail of hair,features and costume; the mother with deeply comb-marked hair drawn into a loose bun at the back of her head,tiny enamel bead eyes,delicately painted teeth,and partially sculpted ears; and the child having sculpted short curly brown hair and painted features. Each has original oil-paint-over-gesso finish,and a painted soft blue gown. Condition: good,with original finish,minor paint wears,two chipped finger tips on baby. Comments: European,late 18th/early 19th century,the Santon figures were created in Italy,Spain and southern France. This unique pair is actually two separate dolls,designed as individual pieces,but also perfectly shaped for display as one unit. Value Points: most compelling gentle,yet strong,expression on mother,beautifully shaped fingers,jointed elbows,pleasing patina on complexion and costume. The pair was especially honored by Margaret Hartshorn,drawn not only by their presence,but especially that the two separate figures had remained united for two centuries.
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