Wonderful and All-Original American Composition "Miss Charming" by Goldberger

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19" (48 cm.) All-composition doll with socket head,brown sleep eyes,real lashes,painted lashes,lightly feathered brows,open mouth,four teeth,blonde mohair wig arranged in ringlet style with original hair bow,five piece composition body. The doll is in excellent unplayed with condition with beautiful complexion and crisp,fresh original costume comprising yellow organdy petal-shaped dress with matching undergarments,socks,shoes,and having white rabbit fur coat and hat with satin lining. She is unmarked but has her original celluloid pin "Miss Charming,Everyone Loves Me" with a photograph of the doll. Goldberger,circa 1935,the doll was clearly intended to appeal to Shirley Temple market and has a remarkable resemblance in both face,wig and costume,tempered by the unusual brown eyes. A rare doll in superior condition.
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