Very Rare Italian Felt Doll from the

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28" (71 cm.) Felt head and torso with elegant slender shape and pose,glancing to the right with uptilted face,painted facial features,side-glancing blue eyes with glazed highlights,brown eyeliner and painted lashes,heavily-lidded eyes,feathered brows,aquiline nose,closed mouth with painted teeth,blonde mohair wig in long ringlet curls,slender torso with slightly-defined bosom,jointed felt arms,very long slender legs with defined bent knees and high-heel posed feet. Condition: generally excellent,few moth holes wear on fingers and shoes. Comments: Lenci,the doll wearing an identical green gown is shown in the 1930 Lenci catalog as #569; the distinctive hair style is suggestive of "America?s Sweetheart",the beloved Mary Pickford. Value Points: beautifully-preserved with lovely colors,and having rare painted teeth,the doll has original coiffure,and is wearing her original shaded-coral organdy gown with multi-tiered ruffles at the skirt and sleeves,with matching felt heeled shoes,silk floral decorations on gown,shoes and garters; a little white puppy sits on her shoulder.
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