Bisque Portrait of Chinese Baby,Model 243,by Kestner with Original Gump's Costume

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16" (41 cm.) Solid domed amber-tinted bisque socket head with very full cheeks and defined chin,small brown glass sleep eyes in half-moon shape,dark eyeliner,painted curly upper lashes,black feathered brows,accented nostrils,open mouth,shaded and accented lips,two porcelain upper teeth,black mohair wig over original painted black baby hair with stippling details,amber-tinted composition baby body. Condition: generally excellent,two finger tips broken. Marks: made in Germany JDK (body stamp). Comments: Kestner,circa 1912,their portrait model of a Chinese baby; this very rare example has alternate hair styles,with original queue wig over black sculpted and painted hair. Value Points: very rare model of the 243 baby,in fine larger size,with original signed body and body finish,original wig over painted hair,superb modeling and painting,and wearing its original outstanding silk costume exclusively-created for the luxury San Francisco store,Gump's,which commissioned the doll from Kestner to be costumed in the Gump workshops. The costume is superb with lavish embroidery,pom-poms,beads,tassels,and medallions,and is being sold from the family of the original owner.
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