French Oil Painting with Toy Theatre Scenes and Chiming Clock

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32" (81 cm.) w. x 27"h. x 7"d. Village life in the early 19th century is depicted in the oil painting with a scene that centers around a toy Polichinelle theatre with Punch and Judy figures,and another story-telling event in which the narrator illustrates her story with the use of character dolls. There are lake and country scenes,sheep-herder,and a church whose tower retains the original porcelain clock face whose dial is in exact scale with the tower,and which is an actual working clock with 2-train clockwork movement,silk thread suspension and gong chiming on the hour and the half-hour,just as the village clock would chime. The painting is arranged within a decoratively-carved wooden frame with gilded finish. Excellent condition of mechanism and beautifully-detailed painting with children-at-play themes. French,circa 1850.
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