Early German Porcelain Lady with Pink-Tinted Complexion,in the KPM Manner

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18" (46 cm.) Thick paste porcelain shoulder head with modeled bosom,of adult lady with pink-tinted complexion,very dark brown painted hair with long loop curls waved over the ears (except just ear lobe tips which peek beneath curls) and pulled into a tightly-braided chignon at the back of her head,painted facial features,blue upper glancing eyes in well-defined eye sockets,red and black upper eyeliner,single-stroke brows,accented nostrils of aquiline nose,closed mouth,old muslin stitch-jointed body,porcelain arms to above the elbows,wearing antique ivory satin gown and matching bonnet,undergarments,necklace,leather ankle boots. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: (ink markings inside head). Comments: Germany,circa 1850,a nearly identical model was made by KPM. Value Points: rare dark brown hair,rare coiffure,original body with original porcelain hands that are exquisitely-sculpted.
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