Rare Petite French Bisque Bebe,Figure C,Jules Steiner,Au Nain Bleu Bonnet

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8 1/2" (22 cm.) Bisque socket head,blue glass paperweight inset eyes,painted lashes,feathered brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth with accent line between the full lips,waist-length mohair wig over original Steiner pate,Steiner composition fully-jointed body with straight wrists. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Steiner Paris Fre C 4/0 (head) (Steiner stamp on body). Comments: Jules Steiner,circa 1880. Value Points: rare model in wonderful diminutive size,having lovely bisque and painting,original body and body finish,with original muslin chemise and having woven bonnet with blue silk lining and blue band gilt lettered "Le Tapaceur" and with the label of the prestigious Parisian doll shop "Au Nain Bleu" on the interior.
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