Rare Petite German Bisque Googly,221,by Kestner in Wonderful Antique Costume

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10" (25 cm.) Bisque socket head with plump round face,large blue glass googly side-glancing sleep eyes,dark eyeliner,dark painted short curly upper lashes,side- feathered brows,button-faced nose with little accent dots,closed mouth in watermelon-slice-shape smile,blushed cheeks,brunette mohair bobbed wig,composition and wooden ball-jointed toddler body with side-hip jointing. Condition: generally excellent,three finger tips chipped,original body and body finish. Marks: B made in Germany 0 Germany JDK 221 ges gesch. Comments: Kestner,circa 1912,the model was made to compete with the popular Kewpie which Kestner also produced,with the purpose of avoiding royalty fees to Rose O'Neill. Value Points: absolutely charming in this rare size,with beautiful bisque and eyes,wonderful antique costume.
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