French Bisque Bebe,Series G,by Jules Steiner in Original Marquis Costume

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28" (71 cm.) Bisque socket head,distinctive square-shaped jaw softened by very full cheeks and chin,large blue glass paperweight inset eyes with darker outer rims,dark eyeliner,painted lashes with dot accents,mauve-blushed eye shadow,brush-stroked and feathered brows,accented eye corners,shaded nostrils,closed mouth with nicely-defined space between the shaded and outlined lips,pierced ears,blonde mohair wig over over Steiner pate,Steiner composition fully-jointed body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Sie G 6 (incised on head) J. Steiner SGDG J. Bourgouin (red ink on head) (Steiner insignia on body). Comments: Jules Steiner,circa 1883. Value Points: one of the rarest Steiner models,virtually unknown in this size,whose detail of superb sculpting is enhanced by its fine lustrous quality of bisque and beautifully-painted features,original body and body finish,wearing original silk and velvet costume of young Marquis with matching cap,stockings and blue velvet shoes.
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