19th Century French Musical Automaton

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54" (137 cm.) h.,85"w. of tail fanned out,96" h. including pedestal. Perched proudly upon a red velvet- covered walnut base above a fluted walnut pedestal is a life-sized peacock with rich feathers in brilliant,irridescent turquoise colors. The Peacock begins its grand performance in the tail-down position,then regally turning his head and body separately from side-to-side. then proudly raising his elegant tail plumage and fanning his tail out for the fullest effect while again turning his head side to side,and finally lowering his tail back in a graceful and realistic manner. Condition: generally excellent,music and mechanism function well. Comments: maker unknown,likely French,mid-to-late 19th century,likely a special commission,possibly created for presentation at Paris International Exhibition of 1878 or 1889. The peacock as symbol in the late 19th century art can scarcely be over-stated. There was the scandalous Peacock Room decorated by James Whistler in 1876,the William Morris Peacock Tapestry of 1887 and the grand-sized peacock used by magicians such as Robert-Houdini,to name a few. Value Points: no other examples of this majestic automaton are known to exist,the Magnificent Peacock,functions beautifully,is perfectly preserved and a truly remarkable and unique automaton.
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