Beautiful French Bisque Bebe by Gaultier

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25" (63 cm). Bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulderplate, almond shaped blue glass enamel inset eyes, dark eyeliner encircles the eyecut, painted lashes, accented nostrils and eye corners, closed mouth with shaded and outlined lips, heart- shaped upper lip, pierced ears, brunette human hair over cork pate, French padded stockinette over metal armature body, composition lower arms and legs, nicely costumed in silk and lace. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: F. 10 G. (head) Gesland Brevete s.g.d.g. (unusually small early body stamp). Comments: Francois Gaultier, circa 1882, the early block letter bebe on original Gesland patented body. Value Points: beautiful doll with deeply modeled features, rarer original body.
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