French Bisque Doll by Albert Marque

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22" (56 cm). Bisque socket head portraying an older wistful-faced child with prominent definition of facial planes and high domed forehead achieved by use of a unique four-part mold, blue glass paperweight inset eyes, painted curly lashes, darker lower lashes, brushstroked and feathered brows, accented eye corners, distinctively shaped nose with rounded tip, accented eye corners and nostrils, closed mouth with shaded and accented lips, distinctively shaped ears, pierced ear holes, original red mohair wig in bobbed cut, unique body with elongated tapered shape torso, wide hips, undefined waist, elongated composition upper arms, bisque lower arms with attached bisque ball-joints at the elbows, separately sculpted fingers, wide upper thighs, elongated lower legs with shapely calves, slender ankles, elongated feet. The doll wears original costume from the studio of Parisian couturier Margaine-Lacroix, comprising grey twill suspendered knickers, silk shirt front, green velvet jacket, leather leggings, signed Alart leather shoes, and floppy straw cap with applied berries. The jacket has the original silk label of Margaine-Lacroix. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: A. Marque (incised on head) 19 (red pencil script on head) Margaine-Lacroix, 19 Boulevard Haussman, Paris (cloth label). Comments: France, circa 1916, the portrait doll was commissioned from and sculpted by the esteemed French artist, Albert Marque, and presented in the Parisian boutique of Margaine-Lacroix in a limited series of 100 dolls, each numbered in order of its production. The dolls were costumed by the studio to represent French regions or royalty. The body, uniquely sculpted for the Marque doll head, was designed by French artist Aristodema Botta. Value Points: an exceptionally rare doll, #19 of the limited series, has outstanding bisque and painting, original costume representing "berger" with boutique label. This Marque doll was considered by Mildred Seeley to be the keystone of her collection and was in her possession for more than thirty years. The provenance of this Marque is known. It had been acquired by antiquarian Harriet Miller in the 1930's and was then sold to the Gaynell Denson Doll Museum and, subsequently, to the Seeley Collection.
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