Early Carved Wooden Doll with Four-Articulation Jointing and Provenance, Circa 1850

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12" (30 cm.) Carved wooden socket head, lightly-tinted gofun complexion, glass inset eyes, painted features, pierced nostrils, closed mouth, defined philtrum, chin dimple, double chin, shaded crown, pronounced ears, human hair sidelocks and backlocks in slits, composite-wooden torso, wooden legs and lower arms, textile upper arms, articulation at wrists, cradle hips, knees, and ankles. Wearing original costume comprising layered kimono with paulownia designs, blue silk obi, royal blue silk sleeveless outer jacket with patterned design and having an attached tag on the back likely indicating a child's name and the family name of Yamakawa. A parchment-like cloth undergarment also bears markings. Generally excellent. Late Edo period, circa 1850. The doll genre, known as Mitsuore in reference to its triple-jointed legs, is actually even more remarkable having additional jointing at the wrists.
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