Other Kinds of Roses, Different Ways to Dance

Other Kinds of Roses, Different Ways to Dance

Throughout its 50th anniversary year, Theriault’s Marquis auctions will echo our earlier catalog titles from the past, those that most capture our common sense of history. In such a spirit, Theriault’s revives a title from a 25th anniversary doll catalog, "Other Kinds of Roses, Different Ways to Dance" for the upcoming Studio Marquis Auction June 6, 2020. Highlighting the cataloged Marquis auction is the very fine collection of Madame Bossard of Luzerne, Switzerland. The collection features fine early dolls as well as dollhouses and miniatures. Further featured in the auction is the private two-generation estate collection of Rose Rogan of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, encompassing the best of all doll genres from rare French to American wooden and folk. Softbound. 8.5" x 11". 156 pages.

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