Outstanding 18th Century English Wooden Doll "Ann" in Grand Size

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28" (71 cm.) One-piece wooden head and torso, oval-shaped face with elongated throat, shapely front torso, flat back, with black enamel inset eyes, dot-outlined lashes, single-stroke brows with dot accents, well-shaped nose, closed mouth with firmly-set small lips, cheeks blush, hand-tied hemp fiber wig, twill upper arms, wooden lower arms with spatula-shaped hands, separated fingers, dowel jointing at hips and knees, shapely ankles. Condition: generally excellent, original finish is well preserved. Comments: England, mid-1700s. Value Points: the grand size and superb state of preservation indicate its original commission for aristocratic family, wearing fine silk gown with interwoven floral pattern and overlay of arranged ribbons and metallic trim, neck ruffle, undergarments, leather slippers, and with early silk coin purse and elaborately-fitted chatelaine. 
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