Outstanding and All-Original Early German Cloth Character Doll "Ilse" by Kathe Kruse

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16" (41 cm.) All-cloth doll with pressed and oil-painted complexion, facial features, and shaded brown hair with swirling forelock curl, shaded green/brown eyes with white eyedots, black upper eyeliner, brown upper eye shadow, rounded nose with nostril accent dots, closed mouth with pouting expression, stitch-jointing at shoulders, disc-jointed hips of plump legs, separately-stitched thumbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Kathe Kruse 68141 (left foot) Made in Germany (right foot). Comments: Kathe Kruse, early Type I model, circa 1925, the model appeared in a mid-1920s catalog named "Ilse", model 106. Value Points: exceptionally fresh condition, with flawless artistic painting, the doll is wearing factory original pinafore dress, blouse and matching cap with extended collar, undergarments, socks and shoes. Included is a photo image of an original Kruse advertisement in which the doll, in this costume, was presented.
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