Outstanding and Very Rare English Poured Wax Portrait Doll

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14" (36 cm.) Poured wax shoulder head of lady with rich sienna-brown complexion,elegant oval slender face with well-defined chin and aquiline nose,brown glass enamel inset eyes,dark eyeliner,black painted brows,closed mouth with solemn expression,modeled bosom,black separately-inserted hair arranged in loosely-coiled chignon at the back and with a single woven curl at the front,tinted cotton sateen body with shaped torso,sienna brown wax arms and legs with bare feet,brass-edged grommet holes at the edges of shoulder head and limbs for attachment to body. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: English,circa 1860,attributed to Pierotti,the doll portrays a royal Indian rani,likely from the period of British rule in that country. Value Points: extremely rare and splendid portrait doll with regal presence,superb state of preservation,ivory satin gown with padded lining,intricate bead and pearl work,bronze-green satin cape with matching headdress edged in pearls,undergarments,hand-stitched kidskin slippers.
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