Outstanding French Bisque Bebe by Emile Jumeau as Asian Child with Original Couturier Costume and Gilt-Lettered Jumeau Shoes

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20" (51 cm.) Bisque socket head with glowing amber-tinted complexion, brown glass paperweight inset eyes with unique tilt of eye socket, black eyeliner, lushly-painted lashes, brushstroked dark brown brows feathered upward at the outer ends, accented nostrils, closed mouth with richly-shaded lips, pierced ears, black human hair wig in upswept coiffure, French composition and wooden fully-jointed body with straight wrists. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Depose Tete Jumeau Bte SGDG 9 (head) Jumeau Medaille d'Or Paris (body). Comments: Emile Jumeau, circa 1885, early period tete model with original straight wrist body which has original painted finish exactly complementing the facial complexion. From the series of exotic dolls introduced by Jumeau, this model was likely influenced by the Japonisme movement that swept Paris during the 1880s. Value Points: very rare doll preserved in impeccable condition, with flawless glowing complexion, original body and body finish, and superb original couturier silk Asian costume with embroidered details, hair ornaments, and original silk brocade heeled shoes with leather soles that are gilt lettered "Bebe Jumeau Med d'Or Paris", size 9.
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