Outstanding German Bisque Art Character, Model 152, by Simon and Halbig

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20" (51 cm.) Bisque socket head with slender angular features depicting an adult lady, aquiline nose, painted brown eyes with heavily modeled lids and well-sculpted eye sockets, thickly fringed lashes, brush-stroked brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with solemn expression, shaded lips, pierced ears, brunette mohair wig, composition and wooden fully jointed lady body with defined bosom, tiny waist and accentuated derriere, antique original gown and undergarments, leather boots. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Simon and Halbig, their 152 model of adult lady, presented by the firm, circa 1910, and, according to research by German scholar Marianne Cieslik, possibly a portrait model of Rosa Luxemburg (1870-1919), the Polish-born German intellectual and social reformer whose short life was spent advocating the rights of the common man and woman, and who was considered a heroine in her time. Value Points: the great rarity of the model with intriguing historical background is enhanced by her exceptional artistry of sculpting and finest quality of bisque, original body, body finish and wig.
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