Outstanding Grand French Bisque Portrait Poupee by Pierre-Francois Jumeau

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32" (81 cm.) Pressed bisque swivel head on kid-edged bisque shoulder plate, grey glass inset eyes with spiral threading and darker blue outer rims, thick dark eyeliner, delicately-painted lashes and brows, mauve eye shadow, accented eye corners and nostrils, closed mouth with pale outlined lips, separately-applied pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, kid poupee body with gusset-jointing at elbows, hips and knees, stitched and separated fingers and toes, beautifully costumed in pale rose silk gown with lace trim, matching ruffled bonnet, undergarments, leather shoes. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Pierre-Francois Jumeau, circa 1875, the grand size and superb quality of the poupee indicates its likely creation for exhibition purposes. Value Points: very rare size enhanced by splendid modeling and delicately-complexioned bisque with softest blush enhancing the cheeks, chin, eyelids, and ear lobes, very sturdy original body.
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