Outstanding Grand-Sized Neopolitan Figure with Highly-Expressive Features

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28" (71 cm.) Carved wooden shoulder head with rounded facial shape, painted complexion over gesso, small brown painted eyes in defined eye sockets, brown eyeliner, single-stroke brows, accented nostrils, closed mouth with defined teeth, rosy cheeks, original flax wig with soft curls, all-wooden shapely torso with padded homespun body cover on upper torso, padded upper arms, carved wooden lower arms that are string attached to upper arms, wooden legs with dowel-jointing at hips and knees, defined sculpting of toes and fingers, painted sandals, wearing antique silk costume with metallic, bead and lace edging, undergarments, homespun laced corset, early coral and bead necklace. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Italian, possibly 17th century. Value Points: very rare grand-sized figure with original body, beautifully-painted expressive features, decorated painted sandals, original wig.
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