Outstanding Large Early Grodnertal Doll with Wonderfully Painted Hair and Teasing Smile

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28" (71 cm.) All-carved wood doll with ovoid-shaped face and well-defined chin, elongated throat, distinctive nose, fully-carved pixie-like ears, heavy modeled eyelids, painted light brown eyes, red eyeliner with delicately painted upper lashes, fringed brows, closed mouth with slightly upturned lip corners, painted hair with wisps of curls extending daintily onto the forehead, shapely bosom with painted costume detail below, defined high waist, dowel-jointing at shoulders, elbows, hips and knees, flat feet with painted coral slippers with dark edging. Condition: generally excellent, original finish throughout, some minor typical rubs on face. Comments: Grodnertal, circa 1820. Value Points: superb early doll with very expressive features and expression, its rarity features include grand size, wonderfully-detailed hair, artistic original painting, and fine original costume of the Directoire era.
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