Outstanding Pair of French Bisque Poupees in Original Costumes,with Attributed Provenance

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17" (43 cm.) Each has bisque swivel head on bisque shoulder plate,blue glass enamel inset eyes,painted eyeliner,lightly painted lashes,accented nostrils,closed mouth with accented lips,pierced ears; the man with long feathered brows and rose blushed eye shadow,original blonde mohair periwig with side roll curls and long ponytail,and kid gusset-jointed poupee body and the woman with delicately feathered brows,original blonde mohair wig with elaborately arranged long ringlet curls,kid gusset-jointed body and bisque forearms with sculpted hands. Condition: generally excellent,1/2" original firing line at bottom back rim of shoulder plate,bodies especially sturdy. Marks: 4. Comments: Emile Jumeau,circa 1870,included with the dolls is a hand-written note from notable French doll merchant Robert Capia stating that the dolls had been owned by the Bertrand family,successors to the Emile Jumeau family estate from which they were acquired. Value Points: superbly preserved early pair with exquisite faces,the lady with rare bisque hands,original elaborate wigs and Marquis and Marquise costumes,original tacked-on leather slippers signed C.C.,sword,jewelry,and each with original wooden exhibition stand.
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