Papier-Mache Mechanical Man by Roullet et Decamps with Au Nain Bleu Label

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11" (28 cm.) Papier-mache head with painted facial features,ruddy complexion,brown outlined eyes with lashes,wide comma-shaped brows,red nose,closed mouth,black mohair wig,carton torso,metal hinged upper arms and legs,papier-mache hands and weighted large black shoes with attached kidskin spats. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions well. Comments: Roullet et Decamps,circa 1920,when wound he totters from side to side as though walking drunkenly. Value Points: with original paper label from luxury Paris toy store of Au Nain Bleu,with fine original complexion and costume of society man out on the town,a variation is costume of #101.
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