Petite All-Original German Bisque "Einco Googly", Model 8723, by Gebruder Heubach

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9" (23 cm.) Bisque socket head with rounded facial shape, very large blue glass googly eyes which flirt from side to side by moving the lever at the back of head, dark eyeliner, smoky-black eyeshadow, black shaded brows, tiny pug nose, tiny closed mouth with sweet smile, brunette mohair wig in original braids, composition five-piece toddler body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: 8723 Einco Heubach (in square) 1 Germany. Comments: Gebruder Heubach, under commission from Eisenmann & Co, circa 1915. Value Points: rare model, especially rare in this petite size, well-functioning flirty eyes, original wig, body and costume.
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