Portrait Poupee by Pierre-Francois Jumeau

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21" (53 cm). Pressed bisque swivel head on kid- edged bisque shoulderplate, almond shaped small blue glass enamel inset eyes with spiral threading, dark eyeliner encircles the eyecuts, painted lashes, lightly feathered brows, mauve blushed eyeshadow, separately modelled and pierced ears, blonde mohair wig over cork pate, French kid gusset-jointed fashion body with shapely waist and derriere, gusset-jointed hips and knees, separated toes, bisque forearms with detailed sculpting of fingers, antique (frail) green-bronze silk gown, green velvet bonnet, undergarments, brown leather boots, and wonderful antique silk parasol. Condition: generally excellent, small edge-roughness at back edge of shoulderplate, left baby finger restored, body is sturdy but a bit discolored. Comments: Pierre- Francois Jumeau, circa 1870. Value Points: an exceptionally beautiful example of the early portrait model. In her book, Lady Dolls, Mildred Seeley described "the head itself is beautiful, a work of art. It is very translucent and the face has a glow".
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