Poured Wax Doll with Original Charles Marsh Label

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20" (51 cm). Poured wax shoulderhead with plumply modeled face and shoulderplate,blue glass enamel inset eyes in half-moon shape,dark eyeliner,lightly tinted brows and lashes,accented nostrils,closed mouth with slightly pouty expression,blonde hair delicately inserted into scalp,softly stuffed muslin torso and upper limbs,poured wax lower limbs. Condition: very good,original complexion with slight fading of lip and cheek color,left leg reglued. Marks: From C. Gooch Soho Bazaar/Chas. Marsh Sole manufacturer London,Dolls cleaned and repaired (body stamp). Comments: Charles Marsh,circa 1875. Value Points: beautiful expression on the rare-to- find labeled wax doll,fine antique costume.
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