Poured Wax Doll with Original Hamley's Label

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18" (46 cm). Pink tinted poured wax shoulderhead with deeply defined eye sockets,blue glass enamel inset eyes,lightly tinted brows,nostrils and lips of closed mouth,blonde hair inserted into scalp in delicate tendrils,softly stuffed muslin torso and upper limbs,pink tinted poured wax lower limbs. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Hamley's,64 Regent Street W (original stamp on torso and upper leg). Comments: British toy and doll wholesaler,Hamley,carried wax portrait dolls made by Pierotti,circa 1880; Hamley's was noted for quality luxury goods. Value Points: exceptional condition of the signed wax doll with gentle expression,original body,very luxurious original multi-layered costume comprising baby corset,chemise,full length petticoat,full length flannel slip,bib,dress,coat,cape and two bonnets.
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