Rare 18th Century Carved Wooden and Bone Doll with Articulated Arms

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12" (30 cm.) Solid-bone carved head with well-sculpted details of facial features, brown glass enamel eyes, well-defined ears, impressed laughter wrinkles on chin and little dimple indentations in cheeks and chin, wooden body with one-piece torso and legs, plump tummy, defined knees and malehood, dowel-jointing of shoulders and elbows, carved bone lower arms, hands, lower legs. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Continental, mid-1700s. Value Points: very rare early doll with wonderful facial expression, superb detail of fingers and toes, included is original early brocade robe with metallic gold accents. The doll wears a blue ribbon award from UFDC convention competition in Denver, 1978.
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