Rare American Clockwork Velocipede Toy by Arthur Allen,1870

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11" (28 cm.) A three-wheeled metal frame with large spoked wheels and cast iron steering rod and handles has a mechanical clockwork hidden beneath the arched-top compartment behind the doll. Seated is a doll with cloth-base head,sculpted blonde hair,painted facial features,outlined eyes,closed mouth,block body,painted brass hands which are attached to steering wheel,and brass ankle boots,antique costume. The mechanism,curiously designed to wind backward,moves forward in a zig-zag motion when wound. Condition: generally excellent,mechanism functions well. Marks: XLCR doll head (doll) C94 (bottom of cycle base). Comments: The toy was patented by Arthur Allen in 1870,utilizing doll head by George W. Hawkins. Value Points: rare early American toy is well-preserved.
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