Rare American Cloth Doll by Babyland Rag in Grand 30

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30" (76 cm.) All-cloth doll with flat-dimensional face and hand-painted facial features,shaded brown upper-glancing eyes,grey and red eyeliner,brown feathered brows,accented eye corners,defined nostrils,closed mouth with artistically painted lips,blush,mohair curls attached to the brim of baby cap,muslin stitch-jointed body,wearing antique costume with white cotton dress under checkered pinafore with soutache braid,undergarments,socks,stockings. Condition: generally excellent,one small fabric wear on right cheek. Comments: Babyland Rag Doll,Horsman,circa 1900,the doll was made with either dimensional-mask faces with printed features,or this,the rarer,flat-faced model with hand-painted details; and was offered in Macy's catalog of 1904 in four sizes,this being the largest available. By 1908,the 30" size was no longer available. Value Points: very rare American doll with wonderful folk-art style of facial painting and very rare size,well-preserved.
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