Rare American Cloth Doll with Original Catalog by Nina Albritton 

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23" (58 cm.) All-cloth doll with overall-oil-painted matte finish depicting a plump child with square-shaped face, painted shaded-black hair in short bob with painted pink hair bow, painted brown upper-glancing eyes, painted upper lashes and tiny brows, shaped nose, closed mouth with extended center line, uniquely-shaped body whose hinge-swinging legs have joining fabric at the inner thighs to prevent "flopping", mitten-shaped hands, antique costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Nina Bonner Albritton of Clarksville, Tennessee, circa 1915, whose publicity indicates that each of the dolls was completely made by her. Value Points: few examples of the American folk doll are known to exist, this example with rare hair style and wonderfully-painted eyes. Included with the doll is an original catalog with tipped-in photos of her dolls and various testimonials from the buyers. With blue ribbon award from 2016 UFDC national convention. 
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