Rare American Composition "Marcella" by Madame Alexander in Original Costume

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17" (43 cm.) All composition with socket head,brown sleep eyes,mohair lashes,painted lashes and brows,open mouth,four porcelain teeth,dimpled cheeks,blonde mohair ringlet curled wig,five-piece body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: Madame Alexander New York (cloth tag on costume,and paper label). Comments: Alexander,mid-1930s,the doll was marketed as "Marcella",designed to capture the Shirley Temple market whose license was held by the competitive doll firm of Ideal. According to family memory,the doll was purchased from the May department store in Los Angeles for $4.45 in 1936. Value Points: pristine condition of the rare dimpled face doll with beautiful pink organdy dress and matching ruffled bonnet,undergarments,socks and shoes,original wrist label.
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