Rare American Papier-Mache Mechanical Crawling Baby by Clay

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11" (28 cm.) Solid domed papier-mache head with deeply-sculpted character-like features depicting a laughing child,painted facial features,blue intaglio eyes,closed mouth modeled as open mouth with painted teeth,dimples,blonde mohair curl under lace-ruffled cap,carton torso containing a clockwork mechanism,hinge-jointed papier-mache arms and bare feet,original costume. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: the model was patented by Robert Clay of The Automatic Toy Works in 1871 under the unusual title "The Creeping Doll"; when wound,the doll "crawls" forward in an amusing and realistic manner. During its decade-long existence the firm issued 14 or more clockwork toy designs. Value Points: rare early American mechanical doll in wonderfully-preserved condition,great character expression of young child obviously delighted at its ability to "crawl" and with unusually well-executed detail of sculpting.
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