Rare American Portrait Doll

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15" (38 cm.) All-latex-composition body with socket head,sculpted facial features depicting a gentle-featured smiling child with double row of teeth and painted sea-green eyes with real lashes,painted brows,long human hair curls,five-piece latex-composition body. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: DC (initials). Comments: Dewees Cochran,circa 1960,the portrait model of little April Anne was created by the American artist on special commission,using her Angela Appleseed model of her Grow-Up Doll Series. Value Points: beautiful doll in well-preserved condition,wearing original artist-made costume,along with an added gold heart locket (with attached 1943 Valentine card noting that "tiny gold locket was given April on this Valentine day". Value Points: the portrait doll is accompanied by a correspondence and related ephemera concerning the creation of the dolls,between Dewees Cochran and a Mrs. Smith who ordered the doll made of April Anne.
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