Rare American Wooden Circus Chariot with Glass-Eyed Burro and Clown by Schoenhut

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17" (43 cm.) overall. 7 1/2" mule. Pressed paper board sides of the wooden-floored chariot have original red painted and embossed gilt designs including lion's head, with wooden gilt wheels edged in silver. The chariot is pulled by a wooden burro with brown glass eyes, rope tail, leather ears, original red leather harness, and with wheeled spindle at lower torso. Riding in the chariot is a wooden clown with two-part head, original costume and hat. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: Schoenhut, circa 1910, from the Humpty Dumpty Circus of that firm. Value Points: the clown, the glass-eyed burro and the chariot are each extremely rare, and are all original. 
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