Rare and All-Original French Automaton "Femme Clown Cirque" by Roullet & Decamps

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19" (48 cm.) Standing upon a velvet covered platform behind a wooden stool is a bisque-headed lady with blue glass paperweight eyes, beautifully painted features, closed mouth, white mohair wig over cork pate, bisque shoulder plate, carton torso and legs, metal upper arms, and bisque forearms, wearing purple and gold original costume and holding a baton and metal hoop in her hands. Posed on the stool is a performing circus dog. When wound, the girl turns her head from to side, nods, turns her head again, then taps the baton in her right hand as though commanding the dog to perform, and he dances about and jumps up and down. Music plays. Condition: generally excellent, mechanism and music function well. Marks: R. D. Marque Depose (original paper label on base with illustration of Roullet trademark) Depose Tete Jumeau 1 (doll). Comments: Roullet & Decamps, circa 1895, the exact model was featured in the RD catalog as #298, named "Femme Clown Cirque", and was priced at nearly double the standard pieces. Value Points: totally original and rare model with beautiful purple and gold silk costume and cap, amusing motions, especially lovely bisque head.
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