Rare and Early French Paper Mache Waltzing Lady in Original Costume by Theroude

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15" (38 cm.) Paper mache head with slender refined features,oval-shaped face,black enamel eyes,aquiline nose,painted lashes and brows,open mouth with two rows of tiny teeth,original blonde mohair wig,shapely carton torso and legs,wire-framed kid arms. The lady is standing upon a three-wheel tinplate platform which is hidden by her costume,and when wound,she glides forward and around,turns her head to the side and waves her arms. Condition: generally excellent. Marks: A. Theroude Paris. Comments: Theroude,circa 1855,among the very first of the Parisian makers of luxury mechanical dolls; the unique movement required a custom costume that would both hide and accomodate the mechanism. Value Points: superbly-preserved doll with beautiful complexion and painting,original coiffure,original costume of aqua and ivory silk satin with lace trim,her kid hands stitched to appear as though gloved.
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