Rare and Important 18th Century Wooden Artist Mannequin of Child

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32" (81 cm.) Of intricately carved wood with rich color of complexion and hair under natural varnish,the child figure has socket head with dowel attachment allowing nodding and swivel movement,deeply-sculpted hair in casually-brushed short curls which partially cover the sculpted ears,sculpted definition of facial features including eye sockets with defined lids,nostrils,and closed mouth with defined space between the lips,shaped chin,shapely body with intricate dowel and pin articulation at shoulders,elbows,wrists,hips,above the knees and ankles,with swivel waist. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: the artist mannequin models were created in both Germany and France throughout the 18th century,more commonly of adults. In the mid-1800s,these adult mannequins served as the models for Leon Casimir Bru in his deposed wooden-body poupee design,and this child mannequins for his Bebe Modele body,of which it is a nearly duplicate. Value Points: the rarity of the model,and its significance in doll history,is enhanced by its superb craftsmanship with intricate articulation and wonderful detail of sculpted hair,face,hands and feet,and superb state of preservation. Another example is not known is exist.
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