Rare and Large German All-Bisque Figure "Laughing Child in Night Cap" by Gebruder Heubach

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11" (28 cm.) One piece all-bisque figure of seated baby with hands clasped in front of drawn- up knees and head turned to the right. The figure is wearing a sculpted cap with sculpted rick-rack trim,and sculpted baby pants with impressed pique design. The face has deep intaglio sculpting of laughing features with narrow side-glancing eyes,laughter crinkles around the eyes,and closed mouth modeled as though open with beaded teeth. Condition: professional retouch to finish on right knee,otherwise excellent. Marks: Heubach (sunburst) 4869. Comments: Gebruder Heubach,circa 1910. Value Points: rare large figure with wonderful facial expression that enhances the amusing concept.
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