Rare and Splendid Composition "Scarlett" from the 1946 Portrait Series

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, arched brows, blue eye lids and eye shadow, real lashes, four painted lashes at each outer eye corner, closed mouth with very full red lips, brunette mohair curled wig, jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing original bronze-green gown (zipper back, padded bosom), with decorative bands of ribbon and fringe, and with open-weave black lace at the bodice and lower sleeves; and with matching petticoat and pantalets, separate very full hoop, stockings and black tie shoes, and superb woven bonnet overlaid with black lace and trimmed with a bounty of rose buds laid on a pink bow, and with pink streamers. There is a pearl-encircled "ruby" at her throat. Excellent condition, few tiny spots on dress, color has oxidized from a more dominant green. Madame Alexander, from her 1946 Portrait series.
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