Rare Cissy Portrait Doll in Lilac Formal Gown, Alexander, Circa 1957

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20" (51 cm.) Hard plastic socket head,amber/blue sleep eyes,slightly-elongated lashes,light brown hair waved away from her face into a cluster of curls at her crown and at her nape,nine- piece adult lady lady. She is wearing a formal gown of lavender tulle over two layers of lavender organdy underskirt,taffeta petticoat,panties,stockings,sling heels,rhinestone drop earrings; the gown is trimmed with tulle cap sleeves and a cascading floral bouquet on her skirt. Overall excellent,arms slightly darkened,shoes may not be original,another model of this rare portrait was sold by Theriault's in "A Certain Style" (#99); and included flowers at the shoulders,fingerless gloves and an amethyst ring; at that time the doll was believed to be the only example known of this model,it did not appear in an Alexander catalog and is likely a special commission doll. Alexander,circa 1957.
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