Rare Composition "Rebecca" Inspired by the Daphne Du Maurier Book

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21" (53 cm.) All composition with socket head, blue sleep eyes, real lashes, dark eyeshadow, closed mouth with rich red lips, brunette mohair wig in arranged curls, jointing at shoulders and hips. She is wearing her original gown comprising fitted coral taffeta jacket with velvet petal trim and wide poufed sleeves, full-length lace skirt with rose satin borders and rose petal clusters, coral cotton petticoat, panties with ribbon trim, coral shoes with bow ties, and a wide-brimmed woven bonnet generously decorated with flowers and bows. The costume has cloth tag "Madame Alexander New York". Excellent condition. Madame Alexander, 1946, the doll was marketed as "Rebecca", inspired by the 1938 novel, Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier, and the 1940 film of that novel.
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