Rare Early Pull Toy with Especially Handsome Bisque Gentleman Doll

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12" (30 cm.) doll. 12"l. 14"h. overall. A wooden platform with cast iron wheels depicts a traditional rustic scene of country gentleman walking his dogs; the toy is designed that when pulled along,the flocked-finish paper mache dogs bob up and down as though walking,and the gentleman nods his head and pulls on the leashes. The gentleman has a bisque head with sculpted brown hair and neatly-cropped beard with rich detail of sculpting,painted brown outlined eyes with red and black upper eyeliner,single stroke brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth,wooden torso,legs with painted black boots,and lower arms,wire upper arms. The mechanism functions through a series of wires on the underside. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: French,circa 1870,with bisque head attributed to Simon and Halbig. Value Points: very rare early toy with charming realistic scene,the bisque man being a rare model with fine quality of sculpting,especially hair and beard,original costume.
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