Rare English Poured Wax Doll by Lucy Peck with Wire-Lever Eyes

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24" (61 cm.) Poured wax child doll with very plump face and shoulder plate modeling,head turned to the side,blue glass sleep eyes that operate from torso wire lever,wax eyelids with remnants of mohair lashes,painted brows,nostrils,and closed mouth pouty lips,short inserted hair,softly stuffed muslin body with poured wax arms and legs,bare feet,antique baby gown and bonnet. Condition: generally excellent,some fading of facial features,body a bit dusty but very sturdy. Marks: Mrs. Peck,The DollÕs Home,131 Regent St. London W". (large stamp on torso). Comments: Lucy Peck,proprietor of the prestigious The DollÕs Home shop,and artist who created wax portrait dolls,circa 1890. Value Points: rare to find signed Lucy Peck doll with well-functioning lever eyes,beautiful expression.
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