Rare French Bisque Mechanical"Lady with Mignonette and Carriage" in Original Costume

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12" (30 cm.) A bisque-head lady with separate bisque shoulder plate,brown glass eyes,painted lashes and brows,accented nostrils,closed mouth,brunette mohair wig,pierced ears,carton torso and lower legs,bisque forearms,is standing behind a metal-framed doll stroller with three spoked wheels and silk-covered fringed sunshade; an all-bisque mignonette with swivel head,blue glass eyes,closed mouth,jointed arms and legs,blonde mohair wig,painted shoes and socks is posed in the carriage. Condition: bisque dolls and costumes excellent,mechanism is not-functioning. Comments: attributed to Vichy,circa 1885,when wound,the carriage should move forward,the lady turning her head side to side and appearing to walk as she pushes the carriage. Value Points: vibrant and beautifully preserved vignette,the lady and the mignonette are superb original costumes with original jewelry,bonnet and accessories.
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