Rare French Bisque Multi-Head Character Series by SFBJ in Original Box

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13" (33 cm.) doll. 19" x 15" box. Presented within original presentation box is a bisque head character doll with fully-jointed composition body, along with two alternate heads and costumes able to be assembled with the body. The heads include 233 with brown glass eyes, painted hair, crying expression with closed mouth; 235 with blue glass eyes, auburn flocked hair, laughing expression on closed mouth with two upper beaded teeth; and 237 with blue glass eyes, light brown flocked hair, slightly-parted lips with row of porcelain teeth. Condition: generally excellent, unplayed with. Comments: SFBJ, circa 1912, the rare multi-head series was designed to allow a child to change the doll's head, according to the play at hand, and was likely inspired by the series of multi-head character dolls offered by German firms such as Kestner at this time. The set was presented in the 1912 SFBJ catalog. Value Points: very rare-to-find, likely few were ever created, this example with original costumes and beautiful state of preservation, including paper box lid with three-language description on inside lid indicating the set was designed for France, Germany, England, and America, and with instructions for easily changing the head.
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