Rare French Black-Complexioned Character with Sculpted Curly Hair

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35" (89 cm.) Firm paper mache head with rich brown complexion and sculpted very curly painted black hair,brown glass inset eyes in deeply-defined sockets,thick dark eyeliner,slightly-modeled black brows,accented nostrils and eye corners,closed mouth with generous smile,shaded lips,row of teeth,defined chin,cheeks dimples,the head constructed as one piece with Jumeau brown composition torso,and matching composition and wooden limbs articulated at hips,knees,shoulders,elbows and wrists,wearing antique silk costume with matching slippers,bi-corn hat,and carrying accordion. Condition: generally excellent. Comments: mystery maker,probably SFBJ,being one of the missing 200 character series,as the doll has a strong resemblance to several of the SFBJ models,and has characteristic body. It is possible,but not known,that this striking doll was created as an exhibition model. Value Points: superb and handsome figure with flawless gleaming complexion,wonderfully expressive features,glass eyes,original body and costume,possibly one-of-a-kind.
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