Rare French Mechanical Musical "The Monkey Aristocrats in the Garden" by Phalibois

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28" (71 cm.) Arranged under a glass dome with painted country scene is a garden-like setting in which the Marquis and Marquise Monkeys are seated at a garden table, dressed in luxury silk court costumes. When wound, music plays, and a series of amusing actions ensue: both rapidly open and close their hinged jaws as though conversing vigorously, blink their eyes, he lifts the mug in one hand to imbibe, and then waves the papers he is holding in his other hand, while she calmly cuts food from the plate they share. Condition: generally excellent, the glass dome has a repair at the back. Comments: Phalibois, circa 1880. Value Points: amusing satirical view of the French aristocracy, with well-functioning mechanical actions and wonderful strong musical tune.
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